Broken Rocket features Class A pre-amps and a hoard of world renowned studio gear including: Apogee Conversion, Neumann mics and a Royer ribbon mic (capturing thick guitar tone in most major studios worldwide).

Pro Tools 8:

offers a powerful recording, editing & mixing experiance with flexibility. It provides many of the same professional features that commercial studios rely on to produce music & motion picture sound tracks. It can run 24bit recording at 192Ghz sample rate & is stocked with exceptional plug-ins.

Logic Studio 9:

Extensive recording, editing & mixing capabilities wrapped in a smooth work flow. It can shift from home studio to large budget movie production. Offers excellent scoring & midi tools. It features a number of great studio instruments covering exquisite sample based piano sounds to vintage keys, sophisticated string sculpting & more.

Reason 4.0:

Reason 4 is packed with a marvellous variety of synths, samplers, drum machines and loops to help fill out your tracks.

Digidesign 002:

This Digidesign firewire interface is the go-between for Pro Tools and the plethora of converters and pre-amps. Spec: 8 analog inputs & outputs, 2 channels of S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O and more.

Mac Pro:

Spec: 2.8 Ghz 8core Intel, 6 GB Ram, 4.5 TB of internal hard-drives, and a 24 flat-screen.

Dynaudio Acoustic 1.5A:

The BM 15A nearfield monitor combines Dynaudio's custom drivers, high performance amplifiers and phase-aligned crossover to give you real-world dynamics and a true sense of space along with incredibly realistic vocal reproduction.

Yamaha NS10s:

Found in studios world wide these reference monitors have a reputation of ruthlessly exposing unclean areas in the mix; making engineers work extra hard to nail down that well produced sound.

Yamaha HS50s:

A few generation after the well know Ns10's are this excellent set of 70 W, Powered, reference monitors with a range of 55 Hz - 20 kHz.

Neumann M147: 1 of

Tube condenser microphone with a great reputation for capturing high quality vocal tracks. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz.

Neumann KM 184: 2 of

This beautifully accurate matching pair are typically used as overheads when recording drums. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz with soft rise at 9kHz.

Royer R-122: 1 of

This phantom powered ribbon mic is designed to handle high SPLs and is renowned for its beautiful warm tone. Captures guitar amps very nicely.

Sennheiser 421: 2 of

A good all round microphone with a nice deep dynamic range. Frequency response: 30Hz to 17kHz.

Sennheiser E604 : 2 of

Commonly used for percussion with an ability to handle SPLs above 160dB. Also work well capturing brass and woodwind. Frequency response: 30Hz to 18kHz.

Sennheiser E609 : 2 of

Designed for closely capturing guitar cabs with a nice separation due to the laterally mounted capsule. Frequency response: 40Hz to 18kHz.

Sure SM57: 3 of

Typically used for but by no means limited to guitar amps and snare drums. It has a nice presence peek and is well established in the industry. Frequency response: 40Hz to 15kHz.

Sure Bata 52: 1 of

This is a nice punchy little mic designed for kick drum and bass instruments. It has proven its versatility in the studio and on the rock. It can handle 174dB SPL. Frequency response: 20Hz to 10kHz.

Apogee PSX 100:

Apogee is world renowned for the quality of there DA (digital to audio) and AD (audio to digital) convertors and this unit is no exemption.

Lynx Aurora 8:

Like Apogee, Lynx produces high end DA (digital to audio) and AD (audio to digital) convertors. This is an 8 channel unit.

Vintech Pre-amp: 2 of

These are class A mic Pre-amps. They are similar in richness and quality as the legendary Neve pre-amps. The better it sounds going in, the better it sound coming out.

API Mic Pre-amps: 4 of

A professional set of pre-amps known for their quality and versatility. Can provide up to 65 dB of gain. Takes line level inputs conveniently right on the front panel for guitars and keyboards as well and XLR in the back for mics etc.

Central Station

Used for handling system outputs for near-field monitors, reference monitor and headphones with the quality that they deserve.

Marshall JCM 800 head:

Many agree that the Jcm800 head produces a beautiful beautiful sound, especially given a little time to age as this one has. Nicely combined with the JCM 800 cab.

Marshall JCM 800 cab:

This cab cages 4 twelve inch vintage 30 speakers that are a joy to unleash, especially with the JCM800 head.

PRS SC245:

Paul Reed Smiths are high quality guitars. The SC240 is a solid body model with a lovely pick-up combo that produces a really classic sound.

Fender American Standard Jazz Bass
Made in USA:

This classic offset, alder bodied bass produces some real punchy tones. It has a modern C shape maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and 20 medium jumbo frets.

Duncan Acoustic:

This acoustic guitar is custom and handmade with a Hawaiian Koa body. This contributes to really great resonance, a deep full sound, and very great sounding acoustic tracks.

Mapex Mars PRO:

This four piece maple & mahogany wood drum kit coupled with a Sabian AAX hats, AAX ride, a hand hammered and zildjian K custom crash makes an nice addition to the studio. Also to mention the additional option of two very nice snares.

DW Snare:

This 14 by 6 and 1/2 hammered brass shell snare drum by Dw releases plenty of volume with surprising sensitivity.

Pearl Snare:

Pearl Masters Custom 14 by 6 and 1/2 maple wood snare drum with that lovely classic Masters tone.

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